Our Beginnings

Our origins grew from individuals taking action, independent of an organization or political party; we continue that popular movement forward to future actions. Our initiatives thrive on the activism arising from our community. We wish to celebrate our community.

We promote the value of one community–one voice. We will not let racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia divide our community. We will not stand by while the earth is ruined or let social security or health care destroyed. We will defend and support the vulnerable and targeted. Bigotry in all forms is opposed.

Our origins are modest, but our dedication and passion to change our community and the world is unrestrained. We are committed to ongoing action. We ask you join us in moving forward.

What We Need to Do

Tucson Solidarity continues the organizing efforts of those activists involved in the Women’s March-Tucson and Solidarity Rally.


We don’t have all the answers. We need to listen to the voices of our community. Not in a passive sense, but make determined efforts (meetings, conferences) to solicit views, opinions, warnings, predictions, political actions and policy decisions. This will be the most challenging and arduous task ahead of us.

Reach the Entire Community

We need to bring the conversation to the community. Not just the leaders of organizations, parties and labor unions, but directly to the people. 

Involve the Unestablished

We need to encompass not only those in the established political parties but also involve those independent and non-voters in the conversation. The politics of hate, racism, xenophobia, climate denial, sexism, income disparity and bigotry unites us all. We share a common core; we stand on the side of community, unity and well-being.

Engage the Apathetic

Forty percent of the possible voters did not vote. This means that Hillary and Trump only got about 30 percent of the possible voters each. We need to engage the whole community..

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We need to begin a conversation between and among ourselves and the various groups of organizations. Promote the value (and good politics) of all of us reaching others outside their immediate program.

Participate at Every Level

Develop forms of participation and involvement for the community not yet involved in political action or membership in an organization, even at the most minor moments, maybe especially at those minor moments. Neighborhood groups writing letters, etc.


There are numerous organizations within each area or continent of interest, i.e., environmental, immigrant, LGBTQ, labor, women, etc. Each continent has a primary focus and interest. When each continent combines with other continents we have multiplied our strength. An analogy maybe the image of many streams combining into a mighty river that cannot be dammed.

Remember Our Roots

Please bear in mind that the popular movements of the USA have been the result eruptions of emotion, passion and outrage. While they erupted in a moment, they were the result of either long festering problems (civil rights movement, women’s movement, gay liberation movement, environmental movement) or they sprang from dramatic trauma, such as the anti-war movement (war), occupy movement (Wall Street robbery) or black lives matter movement (police killing people). All have provoked immediate popular action and long term change.

Areas for Improvement or Challenges

1. The first rule is respect. Respect for ourselves and respect for others. We need to honor the voice of others, especially those who voice a contrary opinion.

2. Make sure those who have historically been silenced are given space and priority to ensure their voice is heard.

3. Listen.

4. Where divergent roads appear, respect is necessary to address those issues and problems. Maybe we work through them, maybe not, but always with a view that we are in a movement and need and rely on each other.

5. Toleration is another important virtue when working in organization. We change the world, but not as we like.

6. Knowledge and confidence does not equal truth or correctness.

7. We must make a collective effort to work together. Sure, we will have divergent views, fine. That is to be expected. Work for consensus always, vote if we must. Yes, democracy works but it must not foster a tyranny of the majority.

Who Rules? How Do We Work Together?

  • Involvement and leadership from diverse communities and organizations.
  • Attention to methods and means of gathering support to ensure that diverse voices are included.
  • Cultivation of media contacts.
  • An understanding that our recent actions and events were unique and immediate. We will be faced with new challenges as we move to ongoing struggle. Time will dissipate some of the immediacy. As a result, we may see a falling off of support and donations.
  • How are we going to collect, assess and analyze all the information coming our way?
  • We need a mechanism for long term action and a mechanism or apparatus to respond to immediate (emergency?) actions that Trump or his administration might take.
  • How can we build solidarity cultivating the idea that the interests of one organization benefits the interests of another group as well as themselves?